I Can Help The World game design


A client approached The Nerdery with an interesting project: to create a browser-based video game to teach children about philanthropy. The game would focus on how small changes can have big impacts on the world, and that everyone can make a difference. Through the use of in-game currency and micro-transactions, the game would generate donations to actual organizations, and players could see their gameplay effect real-world problems. It was a fantastic idea, and they needed our help in bringing it to life.


As the lead UX designer assigned to the project, my role was to help the client conceptualize their goals for the game. Through many working sessions both remote and in-person, we emerged with a game design document that captured the goals and game play. I then went to work in creating wireframes based on the game design document that outlined the interactions, economy, micro-transactions and challenges that players would go through. Since the game was meant to be open-ended, this meant establishing a leveling system to allow players to grow as they played. All together, the game design and planning took 4 months, and we generated over 400 pages of written documentation and wireframes.


The I Can Help The World game launched successfully, and players were able to interact with the various characters and people to help solve real-world problems. It was an absolute honor to be involved with such a fantastic project.