Workface Profile


Workface is an engagement platform that allows current and potential customers to instantly communicate with individuals through real-time chat. The Workface profile can be embedded anywhere, and there is no client-side software to install. Having recently emerged from a previous company called Business Card 2, the existing UI was built on Adobe Flash. Due to customer objection to the older platform, Workface was looking to move to a modern HTML solution.


As the lead web designer for the product, my goal was to evolve the platform both visually and architecturally. We began with various workshop sessions to evaluate the current Business Card 2 product. The goal of this being to assess the current features, identify which one customers most engaged with, and pull them forward. We then moved to sketching exercises on whiteboards to layout these features, and determine the overall direction of the interactions. Once the direction had been determined, I created Photoshop mockups of the various states to get business partner sign-off. Once finalized, I worked with our development team to implement the new responsive front-end.


The new Workface profile rolled out to our existing customer base to great success. Thanks to the modern HTML implementation, our sales team was able to bring in additional clients that had performance concerns previously with the Flash platform.